Emilia Lynette Wilson
  • KY16 9JU

    United Kingdom

  • School of Medicine
    University of St Andrews
    Medical and Biological Sciences Building
    North Haugh
    St Andrews
    KY16 9TF

    United Kingdom

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Research overview

Emilia Wilson is a research fellow on the collaborative project "Early Diagnosis: Handling Knowing" between Divinity, Medicine and Philosophy. The project examines the social, ethical and spiritual consequences of increasingly accurate knowledge about how, and when, we will die. 

Her central interests are in feminist theory, social epistemology, philosophy of language and philosophy of disability. She has additional interests in aesthetics, applied ethics and philosophy of science. 

Prior to taking up this position she completed a PhD in feminist philosophy, also at the University of St Andrews. Her thesis explored the way in which interpretive resources - such as stereotypes, metaphors, and social scripts - become imbued with social meaning and the role this plays in upholding (unjust) social practises.


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