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My research focusses on the magnetic fields of cool stars, specifically radio signatures of stellar prominences. Stellar prominences are cool dense structures trapped in the stellar corona, insulated from the surrounding material by strong magnetic fields. They are one of the few ways to gain direct insight into the magnetic field conditions above the surface of the star, and can thus be used as a test of models extrapolated from the surface stellar magnetic field. 

I also have an interest in multi-wavelength studies of stellar flares, particularly the relationship between ultraviolet and optical energy budgets in flares on sun-like stars. And, in addition to stellar astronomy, I am a dedicated astronomical software developer with a particular interest in astronomical data sonification.  


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  • Astronify: v0.1

    Brasseur, C. (Creator), Fleming, S. (Creator), Kotler, J. (Creator) & Meredith, K. (Creator), Zenodo, 2023

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  • astropy/astroquery: v0.4.5

    Ginsburg, A. (Creator), Sipőcz, B. (Creator), Parikh, M. (Creator), Brasseur, C. (Creator), jcsegovia (Creator), Groener, A. (Creator), Norman, H. (Creator), Liedtke, S. (Creator), Robitaille, T. (Creator), Deil, C. (Creator), Lim, P. L. (Creator), Mommert, M. (Creator), Tollerud, E. (Creator), Baumann, M. (Creator), Kelley, M. (Creator), Val-Borro, M. D. (Creator), Craig, M. (Creator), Persson, M. V. (Creator), Mesh, C. (Creator), Mirocha, J. (Creator), Nilsson, R. (Creator), Collom, D. (Creator), Séguin-Charbonneau, L. (Creator), Armstrong, C. (Creator), jespinosaar (Creator), Conseil, S. (Creator), Medina, J. V. (Creator), Dempsey, J. (Creator), Morris, B. M. (Creator) & Weaver, B. A. (Creator), Zenodo, 2021


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    Beaumont, C. (Creator), Brasseur, C. (Creator), Norman, H. (Creator), Robitaille, T. P. (Creator), Williams, P. K. G. (Creator) & Weigel, A. D. (Creator), Zenodo, 2022