Personal profile

Research overview

Brittany is a PhD candidate focusing on Surrealism, politics and points of contact between the French and American avant-gardes. Her thesis, ‘“History Exists So We Can Make Surrealist Use of It”: Chicago Surrealism and the Remaking of the Past’, studies the Chicago Surrealist Group’s construction of an ‘activist historiography’ in their artworks and publications.

Alongside her academic work, Brittany has contributed art and film criticism to a wide range of publications such as ArtReview, Jacobin, Burlington Contemporary, Film Comment, JSTOR Daily and The Brooklyn Rail. Previously, she was the researcher and writer of modern and contemporary art at Phillips auction house in New York. She completed her M.A. with distinction at the Courtauld Institute of Art and her B.A. (summa cum laude) at Fordham University.

She will be a visiting William P. Heidrich Fellow at the University of Michigan Library in autumn 2024. Her research is funded by the School of Art History and has been supported by Northwestern University.