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Social identity; learning identities and behavours in higher education; pedagogical social identites; global human resources; contemporary conceptual issues in management; strategic management; philanthropy (public and non-profit management); leadership


Brenda Marin is currently completing her PhD in Psychology at the University of St Andrews School of Psychology and Neuroscience with a focus on social idetity theory. She was an Associate Lecturer in the School of Management at the University of St Andrews from March 2018 to August 2021. Prior to this appointment she spent a dozen years in the corporate and third sectors as a consultant and executive, living and working in the USA, UK, Germany and Africa. With extensive global expertise in international business, strategy, and organisational psychology, Brenda has created and implemented corporate curriculums in change management, hiring and firing, employee and labour relations, and group dynamics. She has managed departments from eight employees to 1,500, led the human capital components of multi-million dollar government infrastructure projects in the Global South, and her consulting work has taken her to six continents where she has delivered numerous trainings on social responsibility and civic engagement to the United Nations, US Congress, British and Australian Parliaments, Salvation Army, and for-profit companies and non-profit charities of various sizes. 

Teaching activity

  • MN2001 Management and Society
  • MN2002 Management Analysis
  • MN4100 Contemporary Issues in Management
  • MN4245 Leadership Development
  • MN5002 Contemporary Conceptual Issues in Management 
  • MN5421 Managing People in Global Markets
  • MN5461 Strategic Management 
  • MN5499 Individual Dissertation 
  • MN5511 Leadership in Organisations