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Research overview

My name is Boontharee Chomhom known as Mind from Thailand. I graduated Undergraduate in Thailand and a master's in Geochemistry from the University of St Andrews in 2019.

I got a Thai goverment scholarship to conduct my Ph.D. with Dr. Nicolar Allison titled Dissolution of tropical marine corals, carbon cycling and Consequences for coral reefs.  I have learned a variety of methods to conduct my results. I have the opportunity to do fieldwork in my hometown in the Gulf of Thailand. I collected seawater, porewater sample, and sediments from the Gulf of Thailand to determine the influence factors driving the carbonate sediment dissolution in Thailand by measuring Alkalinity and dissolve in organic carbon (DIC).

Also, I will determine how biomolecules influence the structure and dissolution of aragonites in vitro by precipitating aragonite particles and aragonite with different biomolecules in seawater situation 11. Then used of  Scanning electron microscope (SEM) to image the structure of the surface and the cross-section, Atomic force microscopy to study the nano-particle structure, and Raman to identify how biomolecule effect the aragonite lattice.