Bernard Roberts


  • KY16 9SS

    United Kingdom

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Research overview

For many years I have been studying the theoretical behaviour of magnetohydrodynamic waves in an inhomogeneous medium, with particular emphasis on the Sun's atmosphere. I have extensively explored waves in magnetic flux tubes, taking into account the effects of compressibility, magnetic elasticity, and stratification. I have applied my theoretical findings to observed solar phenomena.In particular, I have recently discussed how new observations of oscillating coronal loops detected by the TRACE spacecraft can be understood in terms of theories developed here in St Andrews. The marriage of current theoretical ideas and space observations promises the development of coronal seismology, a new field which aims to determine such basic quantities as the strength of the solar coronal magnetic field through an interpretation of oscillations in coronal loops.

The work involves an expertise in mathematical modelling of complex physical systems. Such skills are likely to prove useful in a number of areas.

For further information, see the Solar and Magnetospheric MHD Theory Group

Other expertise

mathematical methods

Future research

Examine the effect of magnetism on local and global oscillations of the sun.

Academic/Professional Qualification

Ph.D., University of Sheffield; B.Sc., Pure and Applied Mathematics, University of Hull; International Astronomical Union; Royal Astronomical Society; Royal Society of Edinburgh