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I started my PhD in September 2022 under the supervision of Andrew Pettegree and Arthur der Weduwen. My research focuses on the Anglo-Dutch Public Sphere between 1685 and 1713. After a generation of war and maritime competition, the English and the Dutch found themselves under the joint-rule of William of Orange from 1689-1702, and fought together against France for a quarter of a century. My thesis investigates how the English and the Dutch intervened in each other's politics during these years of uneasy co-operation and dynastic union, emphasising the transnational nature of politics and news networks at the turn of the eighteenth century. More broadly, I am interested in the history of politics and communication in Europe, c. 1600-1800.

I previously studied at the Universities of Oxford (BA) and Cambridge (MPhil). In addition to my PhD, I work for the USTC, the largest database of printed material from 1450-1700. I also co-convene the St Andrews Early Modern Workshop.


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