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PhD projects

1. Methodological topics: Developing different solution methods for analysing monetary policy in open economy models with endogenous country portfolios.
2. An analysis of international risk sharing with portfolio choice under different model specifications.
3. Portfolio choice and optimal monetary policy under different financial market structures, from autarky to complete markets.
4. The implications of asymmetric information, international asset trade and financial shocks on the design of optimal monetary policy.
5. How does the presence and nature of international asset trade and financial market frictions change the response of the real economy to financial market shocks?

Personal profile

Research overview

Alan is interested in the economic and policy implications of international financial markets. He has worked extensively on models of exchange-rate determination and exchange rate crises. An important theme in this research is the analysis of the macroeconomic and welfare implications of different exchange rate and monetary policy regimes. His most recent work focuses on the cross-country economic linkages created by increased financial market integration. In collaboration with co-authors, Alan has developed efficient numerical techniques for analysing international asset trade and portfolio allocation in multi-country general equilibrium models. This work sheds light on the role of international financial flows in transmitting economic shocks between countries.

Research interests

International macroeconomics, monetary economics, international finance, macroeconomic theory, solution methods.


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