Screening Documentary Change


Description of impact

The project centres on a shared interest in Film Studies about the political uses of documentary, and in particular, the function of screenings. Building on work done by Tom Rice and Leshu Torchin on the political uses of film, and drawing on additional expertise in the field of political cinema (Dennis Hanlon, Anuja Jain, Dina Iordanova) and Useful Cinema (Michael Cowan), this impact project involves collaborations with film professionals (filmmakers, programmers) and activists, NGOs, local government to both review and develop strategies for using film for change. There are a few events in the planning stages, including an informal workshop on documentary and advocacy bringing together scholars working on the effects and affect of documentary on a campaign with filmmakers (a few contacted and interested), and activists/local organisers. Also in planning are 'docudays' as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Who is affected

Public Discourse, Filmmakers (and Film Practitioners), Activists
Impact statusOpen
Impact levelInvolvement - mid or active stage