Philosophy and Public Affairs

Impact: Public Discourse Impact, Practitioner Impact


St Andrews philosophers have brought their expertise into dialogue with professionals and members of the wider public, on matters of current concern. The impact has been created in three domains:
• Impact on professional practice (Haldane’s research on values, practical reasoning and punishment helps healthcare professionals make difficult decisions, and helps judges reflect upon ethical dilemmas);
• Impact on Christian organisations and institutions (Haldane’s research on the role of religion in education and in public life influences educators, campaigners, and policy-makers);
• Impact on public debate about environmentalism and climate change (Mulgan’s work on future generations and Scruton’s research on environmental conservatism have played significant roles in public debate, in part mediated by Mulgan’s introductory writings).
Impact statusOpen
Category of impactPublic Discourse Impact, Practitioner Impact


  • REF2014 case study