'Lost Detectives: Adapting Old Texts for New Media' (Stage 3)

Impact: Cultural, Creative Impact, Economic, Commercial Impact, Practitioner Impact

Description of impact

Professional and creative impact on author-illustrator, Carol Adlam.
Economic and creative impact on publisher, Jonathan Cape.
Cultural and public understanding impact on reading public.

Who is affected

Carol Adlam, author-illustrator of The Russian Detective
Jonathan Cape, publisher, imprint of Penguin/Random House
Members of public who will be able to buy The Russian Detective
Members of public who will attend launch events for The Russian Detective


Stage 3 of 'Lost Detectives' involves the production and publication of a 112-page graphic novel, entitled The Russian Detective, by the author-illustrator Carol Adlam. Funding from St Andrews' KEI permitted Adlam to produce artwork and script for the graphic novel for submission, by prior agreement, to the publisher Jonathan Cape. Cape will then produce, print, distribute and market The Russian Detective in UK, EU and US markets. The project has made significant creative and economic impact on the artistic practitioner, Carol Adlam. As a result of her agreement with Jonathan Cape for the graphic novel, she has been taken on by a literary agent who is now able to secure further artistic and literary contracts for her. Adlam also becomes a member of the Jonathan Cape stable of writers with all of the opportunities and contacts that this association will provide in the future. Members of the public will benefit after publication of The Russian Detective by having access to a high-quality, original graphic novel, inspired by the Russian original by Semyon Panov and informed by Whitehead's ongoing research work on early Russian crime fiction, and by having the opportunity to attend public launch events where both the novel itself and the collaborative process of production will be discussed.
Impact statusOpen
Impact dateMar 2020
Category of impactCultural, Creative Impact, Economic, Commercial Impact, Practitioner Impact
Impact levelInvolvement - mid or active stage