Innovations in mathematics teaching using GAP

Impact: Educational Impact (Beyond St Andrews)


The School of Mathematics and Statistics at St Andrews is leading the development and implementation of new efficient algorithms for the GAP (Groups, Algorithms and Programming) free, open-source system for computational discrete algebra. Although it is primarily a research tool, GAP is widely used in education. Therefore lecturers, as well as students in class and beyond, benefit from a whole new range of educational possibilities, for example being able to investigate considerably larger abstract mathematical structures than hitherto. This new, hands-on approach is radically changing the way mathematics is taught in universities worldwide, and is deepening the learning and understanding. The pioneering work of St Andrews researchers has shaped GAP at all levels for 20 years, from discovering and incorporating state-of-the-art algorithms, to its unique design, which is an educational feature in its own right.
Impact statusClosed
Category of impactEducational Impact (Beyond St Andrews)


  • REF2014 case study