Improving the professional practice of marine planning

Impact: Public Policy Impact

Description of impact

Supporting regional marine planning in the UK, and national marine planning globally.

Who is affected

UN Legislators
UK Policymakers
Statutory Delegates of Scottish Marine Planning Partnerships
Coastal Communities (in Scotland)


I have developed longstanding engagement with professional practitioners in marine planning and governance across a variety of scales from international to local levels. I lead a number professional bodies which provide advice and research support in this field, including, the MASTS Marine Planning and Governance Forum, and the Earth Systems Project Oceans Task Force on Coastal Communities. Through reports to government agencies and academic publications, I am influencing the design of marine planning process and work on evaluating marine planning.
Impact statusOpen
Impact date1 Jan 2016
Category of impactPublic Policy Impact
Impact levelInvolvement - mid or active stage


  • marine planning
  • governance
  • coastal communities