Extending Open Virtual Worlds for Cultural Heritage and Education

Impact: Cultural, Creative Impact, Educational Impact (Beyond St Andrews)


Virtual Worlds are challenging to develop and deploy in small community settings. Our research into their measurement, design, and usability has allowed us to radically reduce the cost and footprint of a platform needed to support the collaborative creation of content, letting communities share their histories with both local and global audiences. Integrating this platform with an approach to virtual fieldwork lets communities explore authentic recreations of historical scenes, giving new perspectives on cultural heritage that stimulate reflection and understanding across the generations and enhancing the visitor experience by making new modes of interaction available for museums. This has enabled educational and cultural heritage bodies in Scotland to connect with new audiences and increase public participation in local heritage.
Impact statusClosed
Category of impactCultural, Creative Impact, Educational Impact (Beyond St Andrews)
Impact levelPublic benefitted - end stage


  • REF2014 case study