Evidence of the Health Impacts of Outdoor Air Pollution for Policy Makers in the UK Parliament.

Impact: Public Policy Impact

Description of impact

Outdoor and indoor air quality targets written evidence call, UK Parliament. AIR0004.

Who is affected

UK parliament and the public


My research through five published articles highlight the significant health impacts of outdoor air pollution on individuals and communities in the UK. The articles emphasise the long-term health consequences, the differential effects across ethnic sub-groups and geographic areas, and the importance of targeted measures to address poor air quality and ethnic inequalities in air pollution exposures and health. By taking this evidence into account, policy makers in the UK Parliament can make informed decisions and implement effective strategies to mitigate the adverse health effects of air pollution and protect the well-being of the UK population, with a particular focus on addressing ethnic inequalities.
Impact statusClosed
Impact date19 Jun 2023
Category of impactPublic Policy Impact
Impact levelPlanning or developing - early stage