Enhancing the use, influence and impact of research in policy and practice

Impact: Public Policy Impact


The Research Unit for Research Utilisation (RURU) has had wide-ranging impact on the ways in which policymakers, research funders, intermediary bodies and practitioners think about research use, the strategies they employ to enhance research influence, and their assessment of research impact. RURU has helped to transform thinking from ideas of one-way ‘knowledge transfer’ towards more situated and interactive models, which are about influencing organisational as well as individual behaviour. The reach of the impact has been international (e.g. Australia, Canada, the USA and Scandinavia, as well as the UK), and cross-sectoral (encompassing the criminal justice, education, healthcare and social care sectors). The overarching contribution has been towards more effective research policy, better public policy making and improved public service delivery.
Impact statusOpen
Category of impactPublic Policy Impact


  • REF2014 case study