Enhancing biosecurity through early detection of tree pests and pathogens


Description of impact

changes in practice and development of a community of practice; effects of stakeholder engagement on achievement of technology readiness levels in the development of new technologies to tackle early detection of tree pests and pathogens and secondly to explore the meaning and notion of the border in relation to biosecurity and examine how different practices and policies relate to those on migration.

Who is affected

Influences participants in Learning platform workshops and those receiving newletters and those through socio-technological learning labs – policy makers, nursery owners, forest managers, plant inspectors, academia, community organisations

Still emerging – conceptualising borders which means changes in the way we regulate and implement inspections for tree pests/pathogens; and deciing who is a stakeholder and how we interact with them

Impact statusClosed
Impact date1 Jan 2013


  • biosecurity