Donbas Odyssey

Impact: Cultural, Creative Impact, Public Discourse Impact, Social Impact


Donbas Odyssey is a collaborative art project that engages with narratives of displacement through exhibitions and interventions in public spaces. The current displacement of more than 1 400 000 people is a result of a military conflict in Donbas that broke out in spring 2014. Donbas Odyssey originated as a response to the conflict and displacement in 2015 in Kyiv and consists of three artists: Victor Zasypkin, Julia Filipieva and me. All exhibition materials of Donbas Odyssey are based on interviews with IDPs, during which participants draw a map of their hometown or home. Donbas Odyssey conducted more than 60 interviews in three cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv. The project exhibited in Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv (2016) (the biggest exhibition venue in Ukraine), was selected as a special project for the Odesa Biennale of Contemporary Art (2017), had exhibitions in Lviv Mediateka (2018) and at the Migration Festival in Izmir, Turkey (2018), and presented an installation at the Byre Theatre, St Andrews (2019). In addition to that, Donbas Odyssey carried out art interventions in Kyiv (2015), Odesa (2017) and Lviv (2018). Finally, the project also organised oral history and mental mapping workshops, and in spring 2019 I organised a series of textile workshops in St Andrews, that created pieces inspired by the Donbas Odyssey maps. Donbas Odyssey closely engages with the IDP community in Ukraine, keeps in touch with participants and develops new projects with some former participants.
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Category of impactCultural, Creative Impact, Public Discourse Impact, Social Impact