Cinema St Andrews: Fostering Local Film Heritage (REF 2014)

  • Rice, Tom (Participant)
  • Joshua Yumibe (Participant)
  • David Martin-Jones (Participant)

Impact: Cultural, Creative Impact, Educational Impact (Beyond St Andrews)


Cinema St Andrews examines and preserves the cinematic heritage of St Andrews from the medium's origins to the present day. Our historical research has supported film culture in St Andrews to the benefit of local residents, pupils and tourists in three interrelated ways: 1. by contributing to the cultural heritage of the town; 2. by influencing secondary education and its curriculum; 3. by developing film audiences in partnership with local exhibition sites. Positioning the project’s scholarly research within the town’s heritage industry, Cinema St Andrews has fostered and sustained a thriving community-based film culture, a major component of impact within our discipline.
Impact statusClosed
Category of impactCultural, Creative Impact, Educational Impact (Beyond St Andrews)


  • REF2014 case study