Changing local policy and practice to address ethnic inequalities

    Impact: Public Policy Impact

    Description of impact

    Policy and practice change in local government and NGOs in relation to monitoring and response to ethnic inequalities in service provision and outcome (employment, education, health, housing).

    The research enables local government and NGOs to provide a more evidence-based, targeted and responsive service generating better client satisfaction. Furthermore, the research supports local organisations in meeting their responsibilities in relation to the Equalities Act.

    The impact has been achieved through ongoing collaboration and several strands of research:
    1. Evidencing local ethnic inequalities via analysis of 2001 and 2011 Census data.
    2. Workshops with local government and NGOs in Manchester, Bradford, London (Barking and Dagenham) and Bristol to establish networks and projects.
    3. Work with local networks to monitor ethnic inequalities and deliver practice change.

    Who is affected

    The research impacts the policy and practice of local government (e.g. Manchester City Council) and voluntary sector organisations (e.g. Wai Yin Society, BHA). Ultimately, the changes in policy and practice improve equality of service provision and outcome for local residents.
    Impact statusOpen
    Impact date1 Jan 2014
    Category of impactPublic Policy Impact


    • ethnic inequalities
    • housing