Changing Educational Practice by Engaging Children and Teachers with Philosophy

Impact: Educational Impact (Beyond St Andrews)

Description of impact

Berys Gaut's research on how creativity can be taught led to the development of the Structured Method of conducting philosophical enquiries, a unique way of teaching philosophy to children between the ages of 3 and about 16. The children are asked philosophical questions in response to stories or examples, and in support of answers to those questions multiple reasons that illustrate the use of philosophical techniques are provided, thus giving the children the tools to think creatively and critically in philosophy. Impact during this period consisted of the sales of a book, Philosophy for Older Children (2019) that employs the method, with supporting workshop and conference presentations, and 115 enquires were held in ten schools by nine teachers to test the material in the book. Further impact was provided by the continuing sales of an earlier book, Philosophy for Young Children (2011), and presentations to teachers and publications to promote it.
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Category of impactEducational Impact (Beyond St Andrews)
Impact levelChange adopted - end stage