A Wearable Light Source for Ambulatory Treatment of Skin Cancer and Acne (REF2014)

Impact: Health and Welfare Impact


Research has led to a wearable light source that provides a new way of treating many skin cancers and acne. The treatment is safe, convenient, and easy to use bringing benefits to patients and healthcare providers. In addition it brings economic benefits to Ambicare Health Ltd, the company commercialising it.
Significance: For skin cancer treatment, the device gives effective treatment with much reduced pain. The simplified treatment procedure allows more patients to be treated in a clinic session. For acne, the device provides a convenient at-home treatment without the application of drugs or chemicals.

Beneficiaries: Skin cancer and acne sufferers, the clinics that treat them and Ambicare Health Ltd.

Reach: The wearable light source has changed treatment in the UK and the Netherlands. The skin cancer treatment is in regular use at more than 25 clinics, and the acne treatment at more than 250 clinics.
Impact statusClosed
Category of impactHealth and Welfare Impact


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