WASP-20b and WASP-28b: a hot Saturn and a hot Jupiter in near-aligned orbits around solar-type stars (dataset)

  • D.R. Anderson (Creator)
  • Andrew Collier Cameron (Creator)
  • C. Hellier (Creator)
  • M. Lendl (Creator)
  • Timothy Andrew Lister (Creator)
  • P.F.L. Maxted (Creator)
  • D. Queloz (Creator)
  • B. Smalley (Creator)
  • Alexis Michael Sheridan Smith (Creator)
  • A.H.M.J. Triaud (Creator)
  • David John Alexander Brown (Creator)
  • M. Gillon (Creator)
  • M. Neveu-Vanmalle (Creator)
  • F. Pepe (Creator)
  • D. Pollacco (Creator)
  • D. Ségransan (Creator)
  • S. Udry (Creator)
  • R.G. West (Creator)
  • P.J. Wheatley (Creator)


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