WASP-186 and WASP-187: two hot Jupiters discovered bySuperWASP and SOPHIE with additional observations by TESS (dataset)

  • Nicole Schanche (Creator)
  • Guillaume Hebrard (Data Collector)
  • Andrew Collier Cameron (Contributor)
  • Shweta Dalal (Contributor)
  • Barry Smalley (Contributor)
  • Thomas George Wilson (Contributor)
  • Isabelle Boisse (Contributor)
  • Francois Bouchy (Contributor)
  • David Brown (Contributor)
  • Olivier Demangeon (Contributor)
  • Don Pollacco (Contributor)
  • Richard West (Contributor)
  • Peter Wheatley (Contributor)



6 csv files containing the WASP, SOPHIE, and TESS data used to characterize WASP-186b and WASP-187b. Files contain the date, measurement, and error, and the SOPHIE dataset also includes the observing mode. Further information is available in ReadMe.txt
Date made available2020
PublisherUniversity of St Andrews
Date of data production2004 - 2019

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