VizieR Online Data Catalog: Stellar magnetism, age and rotation (Vidotto+, 2014)

  • Aline De Almeida Vidotto (Creator)
  • Scott Gregory (Creator)
  • Moira Mary Jardine (Creator)
  • J. F. Donati (Creator)
  • P. Petit (Creator)
  • J. Morin (Creator)
  • C. P. Folsom (Creator)
  • J. Bouvier (Creator)
  • Andrew Collier Cameron (Creator)
  • Gaitee Ara Jaffer Hussain (Creator)
  • S. Marsden (Creator)
  • I. A. Waite (Creator)
  • Rim Fares (Creator)
  • Sandra Victoria Jeffers (Creator)
  • J. D. Jr Do Nascimento (Creator)



The stars considered in this study consist of 73 late-F, G, K and Mdwarf stars, in the PMS to MS phases. All have had their large-scalesurface magnetic fields reconstructed using the ZDI technique, with somehaving been observed at multiple epochs.File table1.dat contains the objects in our sample. Columns are: starname, spectral type, mass, radius, rotation period, Rossby number, age,X-ray luminosity, X-ray-to-bolometric luminosity ratio, averagelarge-scale unsigned surface magnetic field and its observation epoch(year and month). The measurement errors associated to these quantitiesare described in Appendix A. References for the values compiled in thistable are shown in the last column, in the format presented by CDS andSAO/NASA ADS, except for Petit2014, Folsom2014 and Waite2014, which werein preparation by the time of writing.(1 data file).
Date made available1 Aug 2016
PublisherVizieR On-line Data Catalog

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