VizieR Online Data Catalog: Merging galaxies (mis)alignments (Barrera-Ballesteros+, 2015)

  • J. K. Barrera-Ballesteros (Creator)
  • B. Garcia-Lorenzo (Creator)
  • J. Falcon-Barroso (Creator)
  • G. van de Ven (Creator)
  • M. Lyubenova (Creator)
  • Vivienne Wild (Creator)
  • Jairo Mendez Abreu (Creator)
  • S. F. Sanchez (Creator)
  • I. Marquez (Creator)
  • J. Masegosa (Creator)
  • A. Monreal-Ibero (Creator)
  • B. Ziegler (Creator)
  • A. Del Olmo (Creator)
  • L. Verdes-Montenegro (Creator)
  • R. Garcia-Benito (Creator)
  • B. Husemann (Creator)
  • D. Mast (Creator)
  • C. Kehrig (Creator)
  • J. Iglesias-Paramo (Creator)
  • R. A. Marino (Creator)
  • J. A. L. Aguerri (Creator)
  • C. J. Walcher (Creator)
  • J. M. Vilchez (Creator)
  • D. J. Bomans (Creator)
  • C. Cortijo-Ferrero (Creator)
  • R. M. Gonzalez Delgado (Creator)
  • J. Bland-Hawthorn (Creator)
  • D. H. McIntosh (Creator)
  • S. Bekeraite (Creator)
  • CALIFA Collaboration (Creator)



The sample presented in this work was selected from 256 objects observeduntil March 20131. These galaxies are part of the CALIFA mother sample(hereafter CALIFA MS). We consider as objects in pairs those galaxieswith companions within a projected distance of 160kpc, systemic velocitydifference smaller than 300km/s, and a difference in r-band magnitudesmaller than 2mag (relative distances, systemic velocities, andmagnitudes were taken from NED3).Observations were carried out using the PPAK instrument at Calar AltoObservatory. Its main component consists of 331 fibers of 2.7" diametereach, concentrated in a single hexagon bundle covering a FoV of 74"x64",with a filling factor of ~60%. Three dithering pointings are taken foreach object to reach a filling factor of 100% across the entire FoV (seedetails in Husemann et al. 2013). The final data cube consists of morethan 4000 spectra at a sampling of 1"x1" per spaxel.(4 data files).
Date made available1 Jan 2016
PublisherVizieR On-line Data Catalog
  • Tracing kinematic (mis)alignments in CALIFA merging galaxies: Stellar and ionized gas kinematic orientations at every merger stage

    Barrera-Ballesteros, J. K., García-Lorenzo, B., Falcón-Barroso, J., van de Ven, G., Lyubenova, M., Wild, V., Méndez-Abreu, J., Sánchez, S. F., Marquez, I., Masegosa, J., Monreal-Ibero, A., Ziegler, B., del Olmo, A., Verdes-Montenegro, L., García-Benito, R., Husemann, B., Mast, D., Kehrig, C., Iglesias-Paramo, J., Marino, R. A., & 9 othersAguerri, J. A. L., Walcher, C. J., Vílchez, J. M., Bomans, D. J., Cortijo-Ferrero, C., González Delgado, R. M., Bland-Hawthorn, J., McIntosh, D. H. & Bekeraitė, S., Oct 2015, In: Astronomy & Astrophysics. 582, 50 p., A21.

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