VizieR Online Data Catalog: Magnetic field and velocity of early M dwarfs (Donati+, 2008)

  • J.-F. Donati (Creator)
  • J. Morin (Creator)
  • P. Petit (Creator)
  • X. Delfosse (Creator)
  • T. Forveille (Creator)
  • M. Auriere (Creator)
  • R. Cabanac (Creator)
  • B. Dintrans (Creator)
  • Rim Fares (Creator)
  • T. Gastine (Creator)
  • Moira Mary Jardine (Creator)
  • F. Lignieres (Creator)
  • F. Paletou (Creator)
  • J. C. Ramirez Velez (Creator)
  • S. Theado (Creator)



Spectropolarimetric observations of the selected M dwarfs were collectedwith NARVAL and the 2m Telescope Bernard Lyot (TBL), between 2007January and 2008 February (in three different runs).(2 data files).
Date made available1 Jun 2010
PublisherVizieR On-line Data Catalog

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