Velocity data for two tidewater glacier surges in Svalbard, 2012-2015

  • Doug I Benn (Creator)
  • Adrian Luckman (Creator)
  • Heidi Muguette Christiane Sevestre (Creator)



A time-series of velocity data spanning recent surges of two tidewater glaciers in Svalbard: Aavatsmarkbreen (Dec 2012-Oct 2015) and Wahlenbergbreen (Sept 2013-Oct 2015). The data were obtained by feature tracking using pairs of TerraSAR-X backscatter intensity images, typically at 11 day intervals. The GeoTiff files are spatially filtered maps of surface speed. Filenames reveal satellite beams (strips) as well as dates and times. supplement to: Sevestre, Heidi; Benn, Douglas I; Luckman, Adrian; Nuth, Chris; Kohler, Jack; Lindbäck, Katrin; Pettersson, Rickard (in review): Tidewater glacier surges initiated at the terminus. Journal of Geophysical Research.

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