Ubiquitous formation of bulk Dirac cones and topological surface states from a single orbital manifold in transition-metal dichalcogenides

  • Phil King (Creator)
  • M. S. Bahramy (Creator)
  • Oliver Jon Clark (Creator)
  • B.-J. Yang (Creator)
  • Jiagui Feng (Creator)
  • Lewis Bawden (Creator)
  • Jonathon Mark Riley (Diamond Light Source Limited) (Creator)
  • Igor Markovic (Max Planck Institute) (Creator)
  • Federico Mazzola (Creator)
  • Veronika Sunko (Max Planck Institute) (Creator)
  • Deepnarayan Biswas (Creator)
  • S. P. Cooil (Creator)
  • M. Jorge (Creator)
  • J. W. Wells (Creator)
  • M. Leandersson (Creator)
  • T. Balasubramanian (Creator)
  • J. Fujii (Creator)
  • I. Vobornik (Creator)
  • J. Rault (Creator)
  • T. K. Kim (Creator)
  • M. Hoesch (Creator)
  • K. Okawa (Creator)
  • M. Asakawa (Creator)
  • T. Sasagawa (Creator)
  • T. Eknapakul (Creator)
  • W. Meevasana (Creator)


Date made available2 Nov 2017
PublisherUniversity of St Andrews

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