Total biomass, abundance and species richness of nocturally migrating landbirds in North America

  • Wee Hao Ng (Contributor)
  • Daniel Fink (Contributor)
  • Frank La Sorte (Contributor)
  • Tom Auer (Contributor)
  • Wesley Hochachka (Contributor)
  • Alison Johnston (Contributor)
  • Adriaan Dokter (Contributor)



Data related to the manuscript: Continental-scale biomass redistribution by migratory birds in response to seasonal variation in productivity, accepted for publication in Global Ecology and Biogeography. DOI of article to be provided later.

Data included:- Biomass and abundance estimates from the interpolation models, fitted using the 2016 eBird Reference Dataset (Fink et al., 2017).- Species richness estimates, based on the eBird Status and Trends occurrence maps (eBird S&T; Fink et al., 2020b).- EVI estimates, extracted from those used in La Sorte & Graham (2021).- Estimates of bioclimatic variables, extracted from the WorldClim database (WorldClim version 2.1; Fick & Hijmans, 2017).
All data are in the RData format. See "readme.txt" for details.
Date made available26 Jan 2022

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