Three-component modelling of O-rich AGB star winds I. Effects of drift using forsterite – dataset

  • Christer Sandin (Creator)
  • Lars Mattsson (Creator)
  • Katy L. Chubb (University of St Andrews) (Creator)
  • Mattias Ergon (Creator)
  • Peter M. Weilbacher (Creator)



The data provided here include all parameter files, log files, and a set of the binary output files that are the basis for the publication in A&A. The file 'file_listing.txt' contains a complete list of files and directories in all gzipped tar files. Each individual gzipped tar file is formatted as follows: Mm.m_Ll.ll_Ttttt.tar.gz where m.m :: the assumed mass of the model, in solar masses l.ll :: The assumed luminosity, in log10(solar luminosities) tttt :: The effective temperature of the star, in Kelvin. The contents of the tar files vary according to the model, but here is the general directory structure: nodr/ :: non-drift / PC models drift/ :: drift models nodr/init drift/init :: Initial model files created using John Connor. File suffixes are the following: .par :: Plain-text parameter file that contains all parameters that are different from the respective default value in the model. Consequently, to see what parameters were actually used, it is necessary to look in the log file (see below). .bin :: Binary file that contains output of converged models. Each model is stored in two versions, first the previous time step and then the current time step (having access to the model code T-800, data of both time steps are needed to restart model calculations at that time step). The initial model file only contains one model; where the previous time step data are the same as the current time step data. We provide a tool to read this file, see below. Note! These files can get pretty large and are therefore only available for a smaller number of the models in the Zenodo dataset. Please ask the corresponding author for the missing files is the need should appear. .log :: Plain-text log file that shows the used model parameters and a number of key properties for each converged model. The encoding of this file is UTF-8. .inf :: Plain-text secondary log file that contains the header of the [primary] log file as well as timing information. The encoding of this file is UTF-8. .tpb :: Secondary binary file that contains a number of properties specified at the outer boundary, typically for each consecutive time step. We provide a tool to read this file, see below. .lis :: Plain-text file with the iteration history. Unavailable here. .liv :: Plain-text file with values specified for a number of properties at each gridpoint. Unavailable here. .inp :: Plain-text file that is used to launch a model; some are present. This file is automatically generated by the tool that launches T-800 and is typically removed when T-800 launches. Unavailable here. .eps :: Encapsulated PostScript file created by John Connor when calculating the initial model. Model evolution structure - file endings before the suffix: _rlx :: Files related to relaxing the T-800 calculations on the initial model created by John Connor. _exp :: Files related to expanding the initially compact model to using the full radial domain. _fix :: Files related to the intermediate stage where calculations are changed from expansion to outflow. _out :: Files related to the outflow stage of the calculations; this is what you want to look at to see the wind evolution. Results in the paper are calculated using these data. Note! Some outflow stage calculations continue the evolution of the previous set of files. The underlying reason for continued calculations is typically that the calculated time interval is too short. Such files are typically given the extension '_cont.lin_out', '_cont2.lin_out', etc. Stored data in the binary files: The binary files (suffix '.bin') contain the full radial structure in the following 10 (PC models) or 11 (drift models) primary variables: mr: radius mm: integrated [gas] mass md: gas density mu: gas velocity me: internal energy mj: radiative energy mh: radiative flux n0: dust moment, forsterite (Fo) nm: number density of magnesium atoms ns: number density of silicon atoms v0: dust velocity, forsterite (only drift models) Other properties are derived from these primary variables using auxiliary code that isn't part of this dataset. Load files: Two tools are provided here that can load the binary data files using the Interactive Data Language (IDL): sc_load_bin (for files with the suffix '.bin'): Loads the full content of a T-800 binary file and returns a structure with the data. sc_load_tpb (for files with the suffix '.tpb'): Loads the full content of a T-800 'tpb' binary file and returns a structure with the data. Note! Due to the way models run on clusters, this file is sometimes incomplete; this happens when the model code T-800 is stopped as the cluster-specific walltime is reached. If this is the case, it is necessary to use the binary file instead, where data are saved typically every 20:th time step. Alternative tools for use with Python and Julia could be considered for writing, but where not yet available when this dataset was made public. Please contact the corresponding author for a current status on this issue.
Date made available2023

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