Synthesis and Testing of a Natural Product Derived Library Against Trypanosomatid Parasites (thesis data)



Chemical and biological data gathered in support of thesis
Computational: Docking results against UAP enzymes containing input ligands/proteins and output files (.pdbqt)
Crystal Structures: Crystal structures of small molecules 126, 139 and 149 (CIF Files)
EC50 data: Data for biological testing of compounds against T. brucei, T. cruzi, L. major and HeLa cell lines (Gen5 output files and graffit5 curves)
NMR Data: NMR characterisation data for compounds discussed in thesis
Metabolomic Data: In-house generated metabolomics data
The data files are embargoed until 11/10/2024
Date made available11 Oct 2024
PublisherUniversity of St Andrews
Date of data production25 Sept 2015 - 26 Oct 2019

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