Studies of Teachers' Emotion Percepts in Relation to Their Self-efficacy and Agency, 2020-2022

  • Karen Porter (Creator)
  • Kelly Lucie (Contributor)



A series of studies were conducted to gather data illuminating teachers' experiences of emotions that motivate their professional engagement, together with associated relevant cognitions and actions. The first qualitative study involved interviewing teachers at the start of the pandemic lockdown. Analysis of interview transcripts confirmed an a priori assumption that teachers were motivated by CURIOSITY about the subjects they taught, and about effective pedagogical practice. Additionally, themes of motivation by CARE, COOPERATION and CHALLENGE were identified. Links to teachers' beliefs about their efficacy and their volitional actions were also identified. Survey data was then collected to examine relations between the four emotional motivators and teachers' self-efficacy and agency. Based on emotional motivations, five profile types were identified, each with distinct levels of self-efficacy and agency. A subsequent qualitative study gathered interview data from seven primary teachers who were initially introduced to findings from the first two studies, giving them insight into four proposed emotional motivators. Over the course of four interviews each, participants demonstrated how they used their new awareness as a framework to reflect on their practice, resulting in them prioritising self-care to optimise their capacity to perform effectively and persistently.
Date made available2023
PublisherUK Data Service

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