SCANS II cetacean sightings on tracker platform of vessel surveys 2005 (dataset)

  • Claire Lacey (Contributor)



Original provider: Sea Mammal Research Unit, University of St. Andrews Dataset credits: Sea Mammal Research Unit, University of St. Andrews Supplemental information: [2020-09-30] The following invalid species names were corrected according to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS). Turtles: Testudines (173749) => Testudines (948936) Surveys from seven different vessels were merged. Each vessel contained two sightings platforms running concurrently – primary and tracker. This dataset includes sightings from the tracker platform. Sightings from the primary platform are registered in SCANS II cetacean sightings on primary platform of vessel surveys 2005. Effort or vessel tracks for these surveys are provided with the primary platform dataset. Survey conditions such as sea state, glare, swell, wind are found in the effort data. In the tracker platform, Big-eye binoculars were used. The trackers used to track groups of animals as they came passed the boat and record them accordingly. However, this dataset does not contain such duplicates.
Date made available24 Apr 2021
PublisherGBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility)

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