sablowes/MulticomponentBioChange: MulticomponentBioChange v1

  • Shane Blowes (Contributor)
  • Gergana Daskalova (Contributor)
  • Maria Dornelas (Contributor)
  • Thore Engel (Contributor)
  • Nicholas Gotelli (Contributor)
  • Anne Magurran (Contributor)
  • Ines Martins (Contributor)
  • Brian McGill (Contributor)
  • Daniel McGlinn (Contributor)
  • Alban Sagouis (Contributor)
  • Hideyasu Shimadzu (Contributor)
  • Sarah Supp (Contributor)
  • Jonathan Chase (Contributor)



Code to accompany synthesis of relationships among multiple components of local biodiversity change.

Title: Local biodiversity change reflects interactions among changing abundance, evenness and richness.

Authors: Shane A. Blowes, Gergana N. Daskalova, Maria Dornelas, Thore Engel, Nicholas J. Gotelli, Anne Magurran, Inês S. Martins, Brian McGill, Daniel J. McGlinn, Alban Sagouis, Hideyasu Shimadzu, Sarah R. Supp, and Jonathan M. Chase

Paper is forthcoming at Ecology, and available as a prepint:
Date made available16 Jun 2022


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