S5 0716+714 microvariability observation (Bhatta+, 2013)

  • G. Bhatta (Creator)
  • J.~R. Webb (Creator)
  • H. Hollingsworth (Creator)
  • S. Dhalla (Creator)
  • A. Khanuja (Creator)
  • R. Bachev (Creator)
  • D.~A. Blinov (Creator)
  • M. Bottcher (Creator)
  • O.~J.~A. Calle Bravo (Creator)
  • P. Calcidese (Creator)
  • D. Capezzali (Creator)
  • D. Carosati (Creator)
  • R. Chigladze (Creator)
  • A. Collins (Creator)
  • J.~M. Coloma (Creator)
  • Y. Efimov (Creator)
  • A.~C. Gupta (Creator)
  • S.-M. Hu (Creator)
  • O. Kurtanidze (Creator)
  • A. Lamerato (Creator)
  • V.~M. Larionov (Creator)
  • C.-U. Lee (Creator)
  • E. Lindfors (Creator)
  • B. Murphy (Creator)
  • K. Nilsson (Creator)
  • J.~M. Ohlert (Creator)
  • A. Oksanen (Creator)
  • P. Paakkonen (Creator)
  • J.~T. Pollock (Creator)
  • B. Rani (Creator)
  • R. Reinthal (Creator)
  • D. Rodriguez (Creator)
  • J.~A. Ros (Creator)
  • P. Roustazadeh (Creator)
  • R. Sagar (Creator)
  • A. Sanchez (Creator)
  • P. Shastri (Creator)
  • A. Sillanpaa (Creator)
  • A. Strigachev (Creator)
  • L. Takalo (Creator)
  • S. Vennes (Creator)
  • M. Villata (Creator)
  • Carolin Villforth (Creator)
  • J. Wu (Creator)
  • X. Zhou (Creator)


Date made available1 Sept 2013
PublisherVizieR On-line Data Catalog


  • BL Lac objects, QSOs, Photometry
  • The 72-h WEBT microvariability observation of blazar S5 0716 + 714 in 2009

    Bhatta, G., Webb, J. R., Hollingsworth, H., Dhalla, S., Khanuja, A., Bachev, R., Blinov, D. A., Böttcher, M., Bravo Calle, O. J. A., Calcidese, P., Capezzali, D., Carosati, D., Chigladze, R., Collins, A., Coloma, J. M., Efimov, Y., Gupta, A. C., Hu, S-M., Kurtanidze, O., Lamerato, A., & 25 othersLarionov, V. M., Lee, C-U., Lindfors, E., Murphy, B., Nilsson, K., Ohlert, J. M., Oksanen, A., Pääkkönen, P., Pollock, J. T., Rani, B., Reinthal, R., Rodriguez, D., Ros, J. A., Roustazadeh, P., Sagar, R., Sanchez, A., Shastri, P., Sillanpää, A., Strigachev, A., Takalo, L., Vennes, S., Villata, M., Villforth, C., Wu, J. & Zhou, X., 1 Oct 2013, In: Astronomy & Astrophysics. 558, p. A92

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    33 Citations (Scopus)

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