Research data supporting "Studying Programmer Behaviour at Scale: A Case Study Using Amazon Mechanical Turk"



This file contains the summary data described in the associated case study from the companion paper. The workbook contains an index sheet explaining any abbreviations, annotations, and labels used throughout the datafile, followed by a sheet with the summary data, and a sheet grouping the data by various metrics of interest. The file has been verified to open in Microsoft Excel ( and Libre Office (
Date made available7 Jun 2021
PublisherApollo Cambridge
  • Studying programmer behaviour at scale: a case study using Amazon Mechanical Turk

    Jacques, J. T. & Kristensson, P. O., 22 Mar 2021, Programming '21: companion proceedings of the 5th International conference on the art, science, and engineering of programming. Church, L., Chiba, S. & Boix, E. G. (eds.). ACM, p. 36-48 13 p.

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