Rapid basal melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet from surface meltwater drainage (dataset)

  • Tun Jan Young (Creator)
  • Poul Christoffersen (Creator)
  • Marion Bougamont (Creator)
  • Slaweck M Tulaczyk (Creator)
  • Bryn Hubbard (Creator)
  • Kenneth D Mankoff (Creator)
  • Keith W Nicholls (Creator)
  • Craig L Stewart (Creator)



Subglacial hydrologic systems regulate ice sheet flow, causing acceleration or deceleration, depending on hydraulic efficiency and the rate at which surface meltwater is delivered to the bed. Because these systems are rarely observed, ice sheet basal drainage represents a poorly integrated and uncertain component of models used to predict sea level changes. Dataset includes borehole data from a large Greenlandic outlet glacier.
Date made available22 Feb 2022
PublisherBritish Geological Survey

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