RAMP-VIS/RAMPVIS-PhilTransA-Supplement: RAMPVIS_PhilTransA_Supplement_v2.0

  • Jonathan Roberts (Contributor)
  • Tuna Gonen (Contributor)
  • Robert Turner (Contributor)
  • Kai Xu (Contributor)
  • Richard Reeve (Contributor)
  • Benjamin Thomas Swallow (Contributor)
  • Jess Enright (Contributor)
  • Robert Laramee (Contributor)
  • Hui Fang (Contributor)
  • Benjamin Bach (Contributor)
  • Jo Wood (Contributor)
  • Andrew Lahiff (Contributor)
  • Euan Freeman (Contributor)
  • Aidan Slingsby (Contributor)
  • Phong Nguyen (Contributor)
  • Sibylle Mohr (Contributor)
  • Panagiotis Ritsos (Contributor)
  • Alfie Abdul-Rahman (Contributor)
  • Louise Matthews (Contributor)
  • Daniel Archambault (Contributor)
  • Qiru Wang (Contributor)
  • Claire Harris (Contributor)
  • Min Chen (Contributor)
  • Elif Firat (Contributor)
  • Nigel John (Contributor)
  • Radu Jianu (Contributor)
  • Thomas Torsney-Weir (Contributor)
  • Rita Borgo (Contributor)
  • Alma Rahat (Contributor)
  • Jason Dykes (Contributor)
  • Saiful Khan (Contributor)
  • Franck Vidal (Contributor)
  • Cagatay Turkay (Contributor)



The second release of the RAMPVIS PhilTransA Supplement with Observable Notebooks of the Idioms after revisions are made in response to the review comments from the first round of review.

This is a repository for the collection of immutable, archived versions of the Observable Notebooks to support the RAMPVIS PhilTransA submission :

“Visualization for Epidemiological Modelling: Challenges, Solutions, Reflections & Recommendations”
Date made available2022

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