Project Management in Social Data Science (digital outputs: Social Data Science Scorecard Deck) (dataset)



Social Science Scorecard Deck is an agile project management tool for social data science.

The following file types and formats are included:
- A readme web-page that provides detailed instructions for using the files : .html (can be opened in any browser);
- A JSON file containing the contents of the Scorecard Deck: .json (can be opened with a text editor);
- Google App Script files and an HTML file containing the code to create an automated representation of the Scorecard Deck in Google Sheets: .gs and .html (can be opened with a text editor; can be run as a Google Script project bounded to a Google Spreadsheet file);
- An Office Open XML file containing a template of a title sheet for a spreadsheet representation of the Scorecard Deck: .xlsx (can be opened with commonly used spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, LibreOffice Calc).
Date made available2019
PublisherUniversity of St Andrews
Date of data production2014 - 2018


  • social data science
  • data science
  • project management
  • research team management
  • management tools
  • software engineering
  • agile
  • research methodology

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