Porewater and sediment data from the North Pacific CDisK-IV expedition

  • Zvi Steiner (Contributor)
  • James William Buchanan Rae (Contributor)
  • William M. Berelson (Contributor)
  • Jess F. Adkins (Contributor)
  • Yi Hou (Contributor)
  • Sijia Dong (Contributor)
  • Gioliu I Lampronti (Contributor)
  • Xuewu Liu (Contributor)
  • Gilad Antler (Contributor)
  • Adam V. Subhas (Contributor)
  • Eric Pieter Achterberg (Contributor)
  • Alexandra V. Turchyn (Contributor)



Samples were collected at five oceanographic stations during cruise CDisK-IV on board RV Kilo Moana from Hawaii to Alaska in August 2017. An 8-barrel multi-corer (Ocean Instruments 800 multi-corer with 9.6 cm inner diameter polycarbonate liners) was used for retrieving short sediment cores and immediately overlying water at each station. Two cores from each multi-corer cast were incubated in a cold room (2°C) over the course of days-to-weeks, two additional cores were sampled in the cold room for porewater using Rhizon samplers, and a fifth core was sectioned for sedimentological work.
Date made available2022

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