Pore fluid data from 2016 expedition MSM57/1-2 Vestnesa Ridge, west off Svalbard (dataset)

  • Wei-Li Hong (Creator)
  • Thomas Pape (Creator)
  • Christopher Schmidt (Creator)
  • Haoyi Yao (Creator)
  • Klaus Wallmann (Creator)
  • Andreia Plaza-Faverola (Creator)
  • James William Buchanan Rae (Creator)
  • Aivo Lepland (Creator)
  • S Bünz (Creator)
  • Gerhard Bohrmann (Creator)



This data set contains concentrations of major cations and anions in the pore fluid as well as boron stable isotopic ratios (d11B), stable oxygen and hydrogen isotopes of pore fluid (d18O and dD). Sediment samples were collected by using the seafloor drill rig MARUM-MeBo70 onboard 'RV MARIA S. MERIAN'.
Date made available2020

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