Physicochemical hazard assessment of ash and dome rock from the 2021 eruption of La Soufrière, St Vincent, for the assessment of respiratory health impacts and water contamination

  • C. J. Horwell (Creator)
  • D. E. Damby (Creator)
  • C Stewart (Creator)
  • E. P. Joseph (Creator)
  • J. Barclay (Creator)
  • B.V. Davies (Creator)
  • Martin Mangler (Creator)
  • L. G. Marvin (Creator)
  • J. Najorka (Creator)
  • S. Peek (Creator)
  • N. Tunstall (Creator)



La Soufrière, St Vincent, began an extrusive eruption on 27 December 2020. The lava dome was destroyed, along with much of the pre-existing 1979 dome, in explosive eruptions from 9–22 April 2021. Lava domes generate crystalline silica – inhalation of which can cause silicosis in occupational settings – which can become hazardous when dome material is incorporated into volcanic ash. La Soufrière ash (17 samples) was analysed, according to IVHHN protocols, to rapidly quantify crystalline silica and test for other health-relevant properties. The basaltic andesitic ash contained
Date made available2023

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