This dataset comprises of physical and geochemical measurements produced from 18 wide diameter (60 mm in diameter) and 148 narrow diameter (30 mm in diameter) gouge cores collected from across seven Scottish saltmarshes. The data includes core descriptions, dry bulk density, bulk elemental measurements of organic carbon and nitrogen content, stable isotope and radionuclide (Lead-210 and Cesium-137) data. Additionally, data for a further 79 surficial soil (top 10cm) samples from across five Scottish saltmarshes is integrated into this dataset. The surficial soil data includes vegetation data, (NVC), wet bulk density, dry bulk density, soil texture, and organic carbon content. This data was used to calculate organic carbon stocks and accumulation rates across Scotland’s saltmarsh ecosystems.

The project was funded by the Scottish Blue Carbon Forum and supported by the Natural Environment Research Council funded Carbon Storage in Intertidal Environments (NE/R010846/1).
Date made available22 Jun 2022
PublisherMarine Scotland
Temporal coverage1 Aug 2020 - 1 Jun 2021
Date of data production1 Aug 2020 - 1 Jun 2021
Geographical coverageScotland
Geospatial polygon(-6.26284 54.251069, 0.464285 54.564402, -0.204728 58.74217, -7.092833 58.994955


  • Scotland
  • saltmarsh
  • carbon
  • organic matter
  • soil
  • intertidal
  • sediment
  • blue carbon
  • isotopes
  • burial
  • chronology
  • terrestrial
  • wetland
  • coastal
  • vegetation

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