Pages published by Royal Society journals 1880-2010



This spreadsheet contains a data series for the number of pages of content in the Royal Society's two major research journals: the Philosophical Transactions (both A and B series, after 1887) & Proceedings of the Royal Society (both A and B series, after 1905). Data is derived from a spreadsheet maintained by RS staff, of the page count for each issue of each journal; which was transformed into annual counts for each journal by St Andrews IT staff. NB this is a count of editorial pages of content published, not of number of copies of pages printed (i.e. it cannot be used to estimate print production costs, unless combined with print-run data - and print-run data is very sketchy...) This is the data for Figure 2b of my 2022 paper 'From philanthropy to business' Fuller data - for a longer period of time, and with a breakdown by journal title - is available in a separate dataset.
Date made available2022
Temporal coverage1880 - 2010

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