Optimal strategies of ecosystem services provision for Amazonian production forests

  • Camille Piponiot (Contributor)
  • Ervan Rutishauser (Contributor)
  • Géraldine Derroire (Contributor)
  • Francis E. Putz (Contributor)
  • Plinio Sist (Contributor)
  • Thales A.P. West (Contributor)
  • Laurent Descroix (Contributor)
  • Marcelino Carneiro Guedes (Contributor)
  • Euridice Nora Honorio Coronado (Contributor)
  • Milton Kanashiro (Contributor)
  • Lucas Mazzei (Contributor)
  • Marcus Vinicio Neves D´Oliveira (Contributor)
  • Marielos Peña-Claros (Contributor)
  • Ken Rodney (Contributor)
  • Ademir R. Ruschel (Contributor)
  • Cintia Rodrigues de Souza (Contributor)
  • Edson Vidal (Contributor)
  • Verginia Wortel (Contributor)
  • Bruno Herault (Contributor)



Data and source R codes to support the article "Optimal strategies of Ecosystem Services provision for Amazonian production forests", published in Environmental Research Letters. The main code "main_Rscript_figshare.R" must be opened and run with the statistical software R ; it calls and opens other codes and data included in this repository.
Date made available28 Feb 2020

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