Novel 4,8-Benzobisthiazole (BBT) copolymers and their application in OFET and OPV devices (dataset)

  • Gary Conboy (Owner)
  • Rupert Taylor (Creator)
  • Ipek Osken (Contributor)
  • Neil Findlay (Contributor)
  • Oleksandr Kanibolotskyy (Contributor)
  • Jesuraj Inigo (Contributor)
  • Peter Skabara (Supervisor)
  • Diego Cortizo Lacalle (Creator)
  • Lethy Krishnan Jagadamma (Other)
  • Muhammad Tariq Sajjad (Other)
  • Ifor David William Samuel (Other)



This dataset contains the raw data for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Images, Cylcic Voltamomgrams (CV), UV-Vis spectra and Organic Field-Effect Transistor (OFET) devices present in the paper. Also included are Nuclear Magentic Resonance (NMR) and Thermal Gravametric Analysis (TGA) data.

AFM images were generated using WSXM 5.0 are formatted in associated formats. CV, UV, TGA and OFET data are presented in .txt or .xls files that can be opened with typical graphing software, or created using OriginPro 2015 and saved in associated formats. NMR data is in the .fid or .xwp format.
Date made available24 May 2017
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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