Login Data from: Latitudinal variation of arrival and breeding phenology of the pied flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca using large-scale citizen science data.

  • Pedro G Nicolau (Creator)
  • Malcolm D Burgess (Creator)
  • Tiago A. Marques (Creator)
  • Stephen R Baillie (Creator)
  • Dave I Leech (Creator)
  • Nick J Moran (Creator)
  • Alison Johnston (Creator)



This includes multiple datasets including:
- processed dataset from database BirdTrack (BTO), showcasing presence/absence of Pied Flycatcher on checklists across Great Britain between 2013-2016.
- raw and processed datasets from database Nest Record Scheme (BTO), showcasing nests of Pied Flycatcher for the same range and time.
- geolocator data collected in Devon, UK, with arrival and nesting dates, for 2015-2016.
- first arrival date and first nesting data collected in Devon, UK, from 1986-2018.
Details of processing are included in the manuscript whenever the code is not provided.
The code for all the statistical analyses is provided.
Date made available10 Nov 2020

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