Large Early Galaxy Astrophysics Census, LEGA-C,

  • A. van der Wel (Creator)
  • K. Noeske (Creator)
  • R. Bezanson (Creator)
  • C. Pacifici (Creator)
  • A. Gallazzi (Creator)
  • M. Franx (Creator)
  • J. C. Muñoz-Mateos (J. C. Munoz-Mateos) (Creator)
  • E. F. Bell (Creator)
  • G. Brammer (Creator)
  • S. Charlot (Creator)
  • P. Chauké (P. Chauke) (Creator)
  • I. Labbé (I. Labbe) (Creator)
  • M. V. Maseda (Creator)
  • A. Muzzin (Creator)
  • H.-W. Rix (H. -W. Rix) (Creator)
  • D. Sobral (Creator)
  • J. van de Sande (Creator)
  • P. G. van Dokkum (Creator)
  • Vivienne Wild (Creator)
  • C. Wolf (Creator)



an ESO Public Spectroscopic Survey (PSS) and obtains deep continuum spectroscopy of several thousand galaxies at redshifts 0.6 to 1
Date made available31 Aug 2016
PublisherEuropean Southern Observatory

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