Invasive traits of freshwater fish database (ITOFF) (thesis dataset 2)

  • Aaron Jessop (UNIVERSITY OF PLYMOUTH) (Creator)
  • Anna Michalopoulou (Creator)
  • Carolyn Coonan (Creator)
  • Lewis Mazzei (Creator)
  • Grace Brady (Creator)
  • Wayne Gouraly (Creator)
  • Ethan Henderson (Creator)
  • Anna Lornie (Creator)
  • Emily McCloskey (Creator)
  • Hannah Ramsay (Creator)
  • Eilidh Sutherland O'Brien (Creator)
  • Sophie Wilson (Creator)
  • Hideyasu Shimadzu (Kitasato University) (Creator)
  • Miguel Barbosa (Creator)



ITOFF unifies data on life-history traits, interactions, and taxonomies of invasive freshwater fish, those species they endanger, and species known to be impacted by invasive species but not at risk of extinction. These data provide the opportunity to improve current understanding of factors that promote invasive success or increase susceptibility to invasion in critically threatened freshwater ecosystems.
Date made available2023

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